About Us

The Big Wedgie is a family-friendly inflatable waterslide event, open in Adelaide and Gold Coast every school holiday season. With 4 awesome inflatable waterslides, The Big Wedgie has something perfect for for all ages and thrill-levels…

The Big Wedgie is the world’s TALLEST and most EXTREME inflatable waterslide – and we even have the world record to prove it! Standing at a whopping 18.2m tall and 82m long, experience the awesome 55-degree slope… Your stomach gets left at the top – and so do your bather bottoms! The Big Wedgie is also a 3-lane racer, so you can have a blast rocketing down the steep slope racing your mates at the same time!

The Big Chucka is our most extreme slide! Calling all thrill-seekers… The Big Chucka slide gives you an unimaginable wedgie! We’re talking an 80-degree plunge, throwing you into the air, flying up to 9m to then land on an inflatable Hollywood stunt-man landing pad! We know what you’re thinking… crazy, right? Well, The Big Chucka is loads of fun and a real crowd-pleaser. For those brave enough to try it, it’s one of the craziest rides you will ever try!

And also coming along for the ride are our smaller slides…

 The Just Right Wedgie is the perfect waterslide for those looking for a wedgie that’s not too big, not too small, but juuuuuust right! Awesome fun for kids ages 3 and up, it’s not quite as extreme as The Big Wedgie, but still loads of fun.

The Little Wedgie is the smallest wedgie of them all! A mini-version of The Big Wedgie, it’s perfect for young ones. And if you’re in Adelaide, don’t forget to check out The Little Skidda as well – our awesome, inflatable slip ‘n’ slide! Both The Little Wedgie and The Little Skidda has been designed just for kids ages 3-5 years.

The Big Wedgie events are always made up of heaps of awesome slides – with something that’s perfect for all ages and all thrill levels! 

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