These terms and conditions apply to the sale of all tickets – including when purchased online, at the ticket booth and issued as part of an authorised competition or giveaway.




Tickets can be used on any event date within the scheduled event times at the specified location (info available on www.thebigwedgie.com.au). We reserve the right to refuse admission to any person, irrespective of them being in possession of a valid ticket.


Discount codes and special offers may apply to ticket sales, with the exception of all Online Specials unless otherwise stated.


All tickets are sold on the condition that they may not be resold or used for promotions, advertising, competition or the like, without The Big Wedgie’s prior written authorisation.


We reserve the right not to replace tickets when lost or damaged.


All tickets contain security features and forgery of tickets if a criminal offence punishable by law. Tickets cannot be sold, transferred or combined with any other offer. Tickets are not redeemable for cash.



For all detailed rules, please see the links below:


Your safety comes first. After that, just have fun!


All rules as individually stated for each slide have been made for the safety of all customers and must be followed at all times. Any breach of the rules will result in instant removal from the premises, without refund.


Exchanges and Refunds

Standard Policy:

Please choose your tickets carefully as tickets cannot be exchanged. All purchases at The Big Wedgie events are final and no refunds will be issued.


Special Circumstances:

Exchanges may apply for online tickets and tickets purchased at the ticket booth, to be determined by The Big Wedgie management. Exchanges are valid for tickets of equal or lesser value any no refunds will be issued for tickets of lesser value. Any request for an exchange of a ticket must be made either within 1 hour of issuing the ticket wristband, or prior to the first slide – whichever is first.. Requests made for a ticket exchange after more than 1 hour of issuing the ticket wristband will not be approved, including if the customer has left the premises.


Refunds may apply for online ticket purchases by special circumstances, to be determined by The Big Wedgie management. Any request for a refund of an online ticket must be in writing via email to info@thebigwedgie.com.au. Refunds by special circumstances do not apply for tickets purchased at the ticket booth.


All decisions are final.


The Big Wedgie will comply with all exchange and refund policies as required by and/or specified by law.